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Friday, May 22, 2015

Oak Leaves - Block 8

Are you keeping up with these blocks?  this one is a little tricky, but it had to be done!
The tricky part is working in and out of the fingers of the leaves.  I found it easiest to leave them as a whole shape, and then just slit down between them, leaving smaller seam allowances.  You need to use smaller stitches as well if you are doing needle-turn.  The rest of the centre I did with the red all one piece, and then just added the gold melon shapes over top.

You can find the pattern on the Legend and Lace website, as a free download.

Now on the subject of my Website.  I have had a few problems, and I did not even know it.  If you are a new customer, and you have been trying to register (which you have to do to get these patterns) it has been asking you go enter a code....code?  what code?  I did not know anything about a code!  I thought my new customers were going a little whacky, until I looked myself and saw this new box.  It is a new security feature added by the Cube Cart people who run the design of the basic site.  I tried to fix it myself, and could not work it out so sent an SOS to my lovely website lady, Christine Abela, of Gecko Gully, who fixed it in a flash.  Thanks Christine....I love you xx.

Then today, when I was adding the new block for the Past Reflections, I found that it would not show a "thumb" (a little picture) on the home page.  It is listed, but no photo.  Another new "feature" I bet, as I have done absolutely nothing different than every other time I have added these patterns.  Might have to ask a new favour.  Bear with it a while.

Other things happening......I am up to the binding on the Return to Paradise quilt.  It has been a long run.  I can not send you a whole photo, as I have entered into a judged show, and they are getting really snitchy about "publishing" photos before the event.  So again, I can show you some little shots.

A couple of nice surprises this last week as well.   I am "cover girl" on Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine, with my Rolling Stones quilt titled Summertime.  I knew it was in the magazine, but I did not know it was on the front cover.  Lovely surprise
The other nice thing was from Quilters Companion magazine.  They included my "Bling Bling Baltimore" in their latest "Book-a-zine"  Scrap Quilts.

If you want to buy the book, and see the quilt "in the flesh" it is hanging up at Hettie's Patch, Port Rd, Hindmarsh.  Don;t forget about my twice monthly hand works groups at Hettie's as well.

On the home front, I have had my Brother in Law, Peter staying with us this week.  At the ripe old age of 67 he has just finished his law degree, after a long career in the Police Force.  He has now started on his PHD....something to do before his life is over :-))  and has had to spend a week meeting with people and attending lectures at Adelaide University.  We had the 3 brothers together for dinner the other night.  A rare occasion.
 This is the sort of performance you get when you ask them all to "smile"....they pull silly faces!  Peter on the left, John (DH) in the centre and Richard on the right.  They never grow up!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Past Reflections - Block 7 - Bay Leaf

At first glance this blocks looks quite simple.  I thought so too when I first decided to make it.  However, we have all those points, and all those points have to "just touch" all the other points.   You could do it another way, well a couple of other ways actually.  The first one that comes to mind, is to make the centre a large circle, and applique that kite shape that is the background in mine, Over the top of the circle.  You still have to hide the points of the kite with that method.

The next method would be to make the block, and have none of the the pieces touching......just have them floating.  All the Melon pieces are the same shape (well should be) and you could lay them out on the background.  You may have to reduce the size of the printout if you take this road, otherwise it will not it the background as well.

The Block is available on the Legend and Lace website, as a free downloadable pattern

 I am STILL working on the quilting of my Return to Paradise.  Now I am doing the Baptist Fan on the large border.  So far I have 3 1/2 sides done, quilted at 1" apart.  You can see the stitches (I think) above.  The background of the applique is quilted with echo lines, and about 1/2" apart.  So, when I have finished this last border, I am going to go back and do it all over again!  Crazy?  Yes, but I thought I would do it 1" to start, and then add the extra line if needed, and it does need it, to be consistent.  I have 5 weeks to get it done, and I feel like I am on schedule.

My hands are very sore, and the onset of cold weather has not helped.  I thought I would have a little break today, and drew up the Bay Leaf pattern on EQ7.  Ever done any drawing on EQ?  It is also hard on the hands, so I have a new kind of pain now.

Anzac Day...........Is a very special commemorative day in Australia and New Zealand.  Yesterday was the 100 year anniversary, and we went to the march in town yesterday.  Lots of tears shed by all, and it is painful to talk of it.......so instead I will introduce you to some family members.
 My grandfather William (Bill) Freeman put his age down to enlist in WW11.  He fought in the Middle East.  This is a souvenir postcard he sent home.  The girls on the left are my mother and her 3 sisters, the beautiful dark lady on the right is my grandmother Alice, who died when I was 11 months old.  She was only in her 50's.  So sad.
My mother, Betty, Alice again, and my handsome father Jim (Edmund Sheldrick), who died at the age of 31.  He was also a soldier in WW11, serving in the occupational forces in Japan.  You can see where we all get out stunning good looks from!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Yes, I have been quiet

I have spent all my sewing time concentrating on getting my Paradise quilt hand quilted.  Still sticking to the 2 hours a day when I can.  I suspect that I am about 2/3rd completed
So far I have worked around all the shapes, and done some work in the applique pieces, and now I am doing the echo quilting in the background.  It is very heavily quilted, and a large quilt.  I will be very happy when it is done!  I want to get on with some other applique projects.

In the mean time I have started a machine project. 
This photo on the  magazine cover has been on my "to do' list since I bought it about 10 years ago.  I just loved the yellow setting squares and the simplicity of it.  Then just a few weeks ago my friend Pat from Quilts and Other Hobbies showed a variable star quilt on Facebook, with yellow and pink backgrounds, and grey setting squares.   It is not on her blog, but there are other lovely things to look at.   I thought I could make a few blocks while looking for the right grey fabric.  Any suggestions?
So far I have made 8 with yellow background, and later today  am going to cut up a heap of pink for the backgrounds of some other stars.

Finally, I have block 6 of the Past Reflections Block of the Month ready for you.  It is a simple and elegant Rose Wreath.  If you have been collecting all these patterns so far, you will know how it is done.  But, if you are new here, this is how it is done.  You go to the Legend and Lace website, and create an account, put the block in your shopping basket, go to the checkout, and you do not pay, but complete the transaction.  An email is sent to you with the link to download the pattern.  You get 3 days, and 3 attempts to download it.  If something goes wrong, and you need it reset, just let me know and I will do that for you.

The hot weather has gone now, and we are settling into beautiful Autumn days.  Some of the trees have started to change colour, not no rain yet.  We NEED RAIN!  The gardens and nature strips are all brown and crunchy.
And something nice.  My little Granddaughter, Skylar, with her beloved "poppy" John.  She told her mother the other day that she was going to stay over at "Nanny and Poppy's house" every weekend now.  Not sure how that came about, or what I did to deserved it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

No excuses now

The cool change arrived on Monday morning, but will be short lived.  We will be back to the high 30's by Friday again.  No, it is not humid here.....some small blessing.  Just hot and dry.

 I received my copy of Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine this week.  I had almost forgotten about this little quilt.  It is a collection of 6" signature blocks that my online Yahoo group - ReproFabricLovers - did a couple of years ago.  I had them in a box, doing nothing. 
 From time to time I receive an email from the Editor, Elaine Rose, asking for projects for the magazine, and I send her incomplete quilt photos, as a motivation to get them done.  She saw this one and asked me for it, and I think I had about 3 weeks to turn the block collection into a finished quilt.  I dragged out fabrics from my stash, and made a little "strippy" quilt.  It is very basically machine quilted as well.  Looks ok in the magazine now.  Glad I did it.
Back to the hot weather.....my granddaughter comes to stay with me when it is hot.  We have an old house and it is much cooler than her home.  This is one way she was keeping cool on Sunday.  Don't you love the pose!  At least she is only 8.....in another 10 years it would be inappropriate.

Something close to completion.   This is a project I put together as a class idea.  It has hand piecing for the basket, and Broderie Perse applique for the flowers and some English Paper Piecing for the border. These little blocks were left over from the Sue Daleys "Antique Sampler" quilt.  I figured I might as well use them.  If you would like to have this class at your quilt group, or local shop,  please get in touch with me.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

hot! hot! hot!

I am so glad that I made this block, and created the pattern a few days ago.  I doubt  I could do it today,  It is SOOOOO hot here!  Yes, I know you are having snow storms in the Northern Hemisphere, but we are into our 3rd heat wave this summer.  Yesterday and today it is 40C degrees.....that is about 105F.  We are not doing much around here except sitting in the air conditioning, listening to music and have cool drinks and eating fruit.

This block is called "Hearts and Berries".  It is already on the Legend and Lace website, and a few people have already found it!  As before, there is no charge for the pattern, but you have to register as a customer, and you can have the link sent to you in an email.  So, make sure you type in your email address correctly.

Does it look a little tricky with all those circles?  I use Karen Kay Buckley "Perfect Circles" to make them.  They are for sale on the website.  There are 15 different sizes in the pack, and 4 of each.....60 circles in total.  Have a look at Karen's Youtube video, and you will see how easy it is.

Once we get to back to normal weather......which is suppose to be tomorrow (Yipee!) then I will write a little more about things that are happening.

Friday, February 6, 2015

a little hand quilting

Two weeks ago I collected my "Return to Paradise" from the machine quilting lady who had basted it for me.  When I start on hand quilting an applique project I rarely have an idea of how I am going to quilt it.  I started by going around the outline of the shapes, and 1/16th" out, so you can just see the stitches.  However, in the case you can nor see them!  I have used taupe coloured thread on the yellow print background, and the stitches can not be seem.  Bummer!  In more ways than one I wished I had used maybe a grey thread.  I like to see my stitches on the front, but on the back I used a purple fabric, and you can see every stitch!  I have to be even more precise with the quilting, to make sure the back looks good as well.
 When Dawn created this pattern, she was kind enough to mark most of the quilting lines, and I am basically following that.  I got in touch with her and asked about the background.....wondering what the original maker made done.  I had planned on doing "echo" stitches in the background, and that is what the original maker had done.
 In the border, where I have used solid coloured fabrics, you can see the stitches much better
The holes in the leaves is where I took out the tacking.  They will go away with handling.  On the leaves and stem I will do an inner 1/4" line of quilting as well.

Every day I am doing at least 2 hours on this and hope to have it finished by the end of May.  It is really big, so hope I have not taken on too much.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Past Reflections Block 4

This month I have a Mexican Rose pattern for you.  I have no idea if there is a real flower known as a Mexican Rose....perhaps someone can tell me.  This block was amongst a collection of floral patterns I felt suited the project.

This one looks simple, but getting those petals right is a little tricky.  I found that they worked better for me when I added them every second one, then filled in the alternate petals.  Do the leaves and stems first, then add the flowers, and finally the centre.  These instructions are all in the pattern which is now ready to download on the Legend and Lace website.  As always, if you have a problem with the download please let me know and I will do what I can to help.

I am still taking photos with my phone, but I am getting hang of it now.  I have worked out how to enhance the photos and crops etc.  With my camera photos, I have always done that on Photoshop and know all the buttons to press there......so this is a huge learning curve.  These don't look too  bad. 

I finished the last of the Maltaville album blocks, the last one being the top right tulip, number 36.  As I got my Return to Paradise quilt back from basting at the machine quilters, I really would like to move on with that.  These blocks are now ready to be sewn together into a 6 x 6 quilt top.  That is plenty big enough.  I like that there is some blue and other colours in these blocks, as I have enough red and green quilts to do me now.

It is the last few days of the school holidays, and we went to the Zoo on Thursday.
 This is not a real Panda!  but we do have 2 Giant Pandas at the Adelaide Zoo.  They are a great attraction.  Skylar and Katie are having a ride.
 This Cormoran was not at all concerned about us being so close.
 Love these picture opportunities.  They are all over the place.

Next school holidays we plan to go to Monarto Zoo, which is an open plains Zoo, and you can see the animals running around like they should be.  It is about an hours drive, so a good days outing.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Revisiting old projects

When I decided that I wanted to get a few "nearly finished" projects actually finished, I turned up 3 applique quilts, including the Maltaville Album quilt from Quilt Station.  I am not going to make the whole quilt, but have decided to make either 36 or 42 of the blocks.  Have not yet decided when I might stop.  This bird is one of the most beautiful of the collection.  It took me a while to get to it, but decided that it was time.  There are several layers to it.  I took a few photos along the way.  Some were taken with my phone on my lap, so please forgive these.

To start with, you need to do all the circles for the flowers
Then the flowers need stems.  These were a bit tricky to applique.  The original quilt had some of these stems done in embroidery.  I know why now!
I use the "back-basting" method of applique, and got the trunk of the tree in place.
The stems of the tree are a bit skinny, so I needed to make sure I did little stitches and skinny seam allowances.  Luckily this fabric did not fray, so it worked well.
Finally, the bird, which is done in 7 parts, and the little green lawn.  I like this fabric as is looks like there are flowers in the lawn.

I have chosen the 36th block, and will then decide if I keep going or not.  They are 11" finished, so I would still get a good sized quilt, and it would the DONE!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mary Mannakee patterns

The Mary Mannakee patterns arrived today from the DAR Museum Shop.  They arrived so quickly after a few hiccups getting there.   The patterns are not on the online shop. It was not real easy to find someone to email.  I searched all over the website, and finally found a weeny little link way down the bottom of one page.  My enquiry was anwered by my "new best friend" Beverley who is the Museum Shop Manager.

  The only way you can get them is to ring the shop with a credit card.  I had to work out the time difference to do this.  Once I got past that hurdle and got up with the birds, I spoke with Beverley and it just all happened very quickly.  If you are in that part of the world, you must go into the museum as they are having a wonderful exhibition Eye on Elegance:Early Quilts of Maryland and Virginia.  And say hello to Beverley and send her my regards.

Now, we are all ready to start the classes at Hettie's Patch.  We will be there on the 1st Saturday 3rd Thursday of the month - starting 15th January.  Please ring the shop on (08) 8346 0548 to book your spot.

It is Soooooo hot here in South Australia right now.  At this moment it is 41c, which is way over 100F.  We have bush fires all around the country.  We are hoping for a cool change and some rain later today.  So lets hope so for those poor people fighting the fires.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Past Reflections - Block 3 - Rose and Leaves

The next block is ready just in time for some more holiday sewing.  This one looks a bit Christmasy, but that was not my intention.  Most of the blocks are green/red/pink and gold.....so I guess it could be made into a Christmas quilt.

The applique on this block could be a little tricky if you are not very confident.  I did each of the leaves in one piece working in and out of the small parts of the leaves.  However, when it came to teaching, I actually broke the leaves up into 3 parts as an option.  Draw an imaginary line across each of the leaves.  Applique the two "across" pieces first, then add the long part of the leaf.  In the whole scheme of things, you do not actually notice that it has been done this way.  I marked these lines on the pattern as an option.

The pattern is now available as a digital download on the Legend and Lace website.  Remember, there is no charge for the patterns, but you have to put them into your shopping cart and proceed from there.  You get 3 days to download once you have done that, and you get 3 goes at it.  Let me know if you need the links reset.  The only thing I can not do is help you with your printer problems...sorry.

I am starting to recycle a couple of my older applique projects.  One that I got out the other day, I remember starting on the trip we did to Kangaroo Island for my husbands 60th birthday.......he will be 70 next year.  My how time flies!  I found a big problem with this one, and  am going to have to take it to the "brains trust" (aka applique group) to help me sort it.  More on that one later......except to say that some of the blocks were done as 14" and some as 15".

I also got out my Cherry Tree blocks.  I have made 20 of the 25 and plan to leave it at 20, but I will start on the big border for the quilt.  It can be resized for the smaller quilt.  Photos next time.

My "Return to Paradise" is in the loving hands of the machine quilting guru for basting. So the hand quilting of that will take up a fair bit of my time over the next few months,

Happy New Year to you all.  Thanks for your company in 2014.  Hope to see more of you in 2015

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Return to Paradise

I have just completed adding the final border to the Return to Paradise.  This is my version of Dawn's - Collector with a Needle - Calico Paradise.

Next week it is going to the machine quilting lady to be basted, so I can start the hand quilting.  I tried to lay it out flat to take a good picture for you, but it is so big, I could not find a space on the floor without moving too much furniture.....so you get little snaps of it.

I have had this border fabric in my cupboard for a good few years now, waiting on the right project.  The colour is madder, the same as the other reds in the quilt, so it is really perfect.  I cut the borders from the length of the fabric, and cut them a 1/4 of the width.  Whether or not they stay that wide, I have not yet decided.   The original quilt has 12" borders, but I am pretty sure it will look just as good with them a little narrower.
 While I had it on the ironing board, for the final press, I thought I would take a few close ups.
 I cut away from the back of the larger pieces of applique like these birds.  I don't always cut away, only when I think there might be lots of quilting on the applique shapes.  Makes nicer stitches.

I love these blues!  They are some old Smithsonian prints I have been hoarding for years.  No point in keeping them just for the sake of it.

Dawn said the original quilt had a purple backing.  I found this one, which is not really a reproduction fabric (that I know of) but it looks like it could be.  A lot of Henry Glass fabrics fit in with reproduction quilts.  Using such a dark backing, and a printed background fabric, I have not been quite so fussy about trimming the stray threads on the back of the work.  I figure no one is likely to notice :-))